Cosplay-plans for Närcon!

Only less than a week for Närcon! Aaaaaand my plans.. yeah, here we go!


Character: Chizuru Yukimura
Series: Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan

Because con is not con without Hakuouki <3 And also Valkoinen Samurai and half a day though Jäätynyt Enkeli will cosplay from Hakuouki too ^^


Character: Sakuraba Suzuka
Series: Bakumatsu: Renka Shinsengumi

My armor died and I don't have time to make a new one, so you will see me as this version of Sakuraba this time ^^''. 


Character: Sheena Fujibayashi
Series: Tales of Symphonia

The ToS group cosplay I've been waiting for soooo long <3 SO EXCITED! (o((>w<))o)
Oh,and if I feel like it I might change my cosplay after the ToS-meet to this:

Character: Tomoe Yukishiro
Series: Rurouni Kenshin OVA

Tomoe was very nice and easy cosplay to put on and wear! I only had to fix it a little bit after Skecon, but it is done! Sheena isn't the most comfortable cosplay to wear so.. Why not? ^^'' I also need more pictures of her...


Character: Momo Hinamori
Series: Bleach

Ah! Memories! Momo Hinamori is a very easy and comfy cosplay to put on and wear <3. I cosplayed as Momo like.. many years ago, so this really brings back memories! Oh,and one thing: Haters gonna hate! Read: I know many people doesn't like Momo, but I like her, so please, deal with it!

We meet at the con people!

Tappakaa mut...


  1. AAAAHH awesome cosplay line-up is awesome!! <3
    Having Tomoe around on Saturday would be great! :D Photoshoots yey!

    Also can't wait to see that non-armor version of Sakuraba! >w<

    1. Yay! This con is going to be awesome!! >8D <3

      Hohohooo~ Good to hear :'3

  2. So excited for the ToS meet! Feel free to change cosplay if you like during the Saturday ~

    1. ToS <3 >w<

      Jos Sheena alkaa käydä oikein epämukavaksi niin armotta vaihdan, saa nähdä~

    2. Heti kun tuntu että oot saanu tarpeeks kuvia siitä ja meeti ohi, niin ole hyvä!


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