Animecon X Cosplay-plans!

I had to remove that first A-con cosplay plan-post. I wasn't sure about it after all. (But it still doesn't mean that I won't cosplay as Amy Sorel some day ^^''). I changed my plans so god damn many times, but after I suggested with a very good friend of mine about that con I think I finally know what to cosplay. If this friend has to cancel I'll keep my plans like this! Read: Not 100% sure is she coming 
Still, this is what my plans looks like:

Character: Chizuru Yukimura
Series: Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan
This friend I wrote about is going to cosplay as Nagumo Kaoru and asked if I'd cosplay as Chizuru for her. She's also cosplaying as oni!Kaoru on Sunday so...

Character: Oni!Chizuru Yukimura
Series: Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan
Yup.. Finally oni!Chizuru rises! \o/ This picture is found from google so this is not an offical version

Oh! And about the Iltabileet...

Character: Shiny Umbreon gijinka
Series: Pokémon
It seems I'll put my Shiny Umbreon gijinka there ^^ Though this is not the kimono gijinka I designed. I'll use my black dress with a few details I made that dress a few years ago, so it's just good thing I can use it somehow! ^^''

I'll just end this post with a song again! Because I can! >8D


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