Sakuraba's armor//Sorry, no pictures

I started working on Sakuraba Suzukas (Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi) armor on 21st June(?). I was a bit lost (as I usually am) I decided to ask dad what materials should I use for it. He went to garage and gave me a plastic sheet (or actually it was more like a roll if you ask me)...anygays, it was just perfect for that armor.
A picture to make clear what kind of armor I had to make

So.. When I got that roll I started working immediately! I started by taking some measures and drawing on it. After that cutting! (It was a bit difficult but I survived! Applause anyone? No? Okay..). I of course had to bend it over my body...aaaaaand success! >8D Then I drilled holes in it! (Of course I have to put it on somehow~)
After that I had look for fabric for armors upper pattern. I actually found a good one pretty fast. It had a great sheen on it, I just needed to make patterns on it. I must say I almost left it just pink without anything, but.. nyeh~
Like that! The pattern I made is a close-enough-version of that, but I'm happy for the upshot. c: You'll see that closer when I photoshoot this :'D.

Before that making patterns for fabrics I had to test if  the test piece of fabric would stick and stay, luckily,it did *phew~* 
I already had full can of red spray paint<3.. So I went outside with the armor and started to spray. I let it dry for a while, then it started raining.. 
That was my face when it started to rain.

Luckily I was able to put that armor in the garage.

There I let it dry a few hours.
When it was dry, I took my fabric and hot glue gun with me in the garage..and well, I started gluing from front then backside, with success ^^. Let the glue dry and poke holes into my fabrics (of course in the places it covered the holes of the armor)
When gluing and poking was over I started to paint those borders(?) Sakuraba-san has on her armor with a golden paint. 

And after the paint was dry I added ties and then... it was done! Yay~

~ The end ~


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