New Skecon plans, case closed!!

These plans has changed! \o/

After chatting with ValkoinenSamurai and JäätynytEnkeli my Skecon plans got changed...
...Into these:


Character: Chizuru Yukimura
Series: Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan

Hakuouki-cosplays were so legendary last time xD <3.


Character: Sakuraba Suzuka
Series: Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi

I've been working on that armor version for a while now. This won't go anywhere! >8D

Character: Tomoe Yukishiro
Series: Rurouni Kenshin

Reason 1. Kaoru's ponytail won't stay still. Reason 2. ValkoinenSamurai will cosplay as Battousai!version of Kenshin, so Tomoe is better option. And Tomoe is also easy to wear and put on.

Nothing more to say now..


  1. Yayay awesome! This will be so GREAT, I can't wait for Skecon and all the derp that will happen! :'DD

    1. södflkjdslfhdlsk <3 I can't wait either :'DDDDDDDD The derps were legendary last time, this they shall be more kdölsjdkals <3 >8D

  2. Aaaw yeah a wild Chizuru appears! Eiku nyt derpailemaan <3


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