Kaoru-photoshoot pictures/A little bit about Oichi/Something else

I've had Kaoru Kamiya-photoshoot long long long time ago :'D And now, I've finally checked the pictures. Yays~

Cosplayer: Me
PhotographerHeizu, Thank you so much! :'3

(Pirttihirmu... beware Kenshin :'D)

And now about Oichi Oda, you know I've started it, bit which version?

Well this! >8D 
I've made that kimono done! My dad will help me with that spear (I'll put pictures of process here then!) :'3 Yay <3

And about that "Something else"...
Have you ever had that weird moment when you're bored and start randomly sew a random cosplay-project "just a little bit for killing some time".. And after sewing some time notice it's done...
I had this moment today. I'll photoshoot this character on this week for sure! (I'm going to my family's summer cottage on this week, there are just perfect photoshoot-places <3)
The character:
"Kenshin? 8D"
-No, Tomoe <-< (the girl).

That's enough for today folks! o/ <3 


  1. Aww so cute Kaoru! :D

    Oh, I'm not sure have I seen that Oichi version before. It's really cool. Looking forward for photos.


    1. Awwwwwh,thank you so much <3 XD

      Ah, I just fell in love with that design, it was just so damn difficult to find betterpictures of that :c.

      TOMOE <3 >8D

  2. Replies
    1. Bah, se johtuu vaan hyvistä kuvista, kiitoksia vain <3 ^^

    2. No ole hyvä vaaan <3 :D

  3. Söpö Kaoru olet! Missä ajot debutoida sen?

    1. Ahaha,kiitoksia <3 :'3 Nähtävästi Skeconissa lauantaina,ellen sitt vedä Tomoeta Kaorun sijasta, saa nähdä ^^''


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