Kaoru Kamiya WIP

My Kaoru Kamiya wig arrived a few days ago and now I styled the bangs. I still need to work with that ponytail~ long wig and a ponytail, not sure if gusta.. wish me luck!. The costume is ready, I fixed the hakama a bit and now all I need to sew is sewed. I also made my Shinsengumi haori done today, but I don't have any pictures of it yet ^^'' And about Kaoru Kamiya cosplay pictures, I'll take better pictures later *coughwhenIhaveaphotographercough*. I'm sorry about these crappy ones. ;_;

Close-up pictures of my cosplay and face, please ignore the weird crap behind me and that necklace.

It seems I have nothing more to say now. Better pictures of this cosplay later and Sakuraba cosplay pictures when I have armor and all. (If I'm bored I might take armorless!Sakuraba-test-pics ^^'') 
Now, I'm outta here!  o///


  1. Oh yay, progress! :D
    Can't wait for more photos! 

    1. Yay indeed xD
      More photos when I find a photographer somewhere! ^^


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