I haz a shinsengumi haori!//Chizuru Yukimura Photoshoot

As you know, I made my haori done not so long time ago~ I was hype and I wanted to make a shinsengumi-haori-Chizuru-try-out immediatley and soon after that.. photoshoot! My bother agreed to be my photographer ~ Yay~ \o/

Photoshoot was inspired by the picture btw. ^^

Cosplayer: Me :3
Photographer: My Brother
Character: Chizuru Yukimura
Series: Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan

Aaaaaand le Bonus Picture!

Where are all the shinsengumis? I need a hug... ;_;

Okay this was it! I'll hopefully post pictures of Kaoru Kamiya or Sakuraba Suzuka or Oichi Oda progress next time. ^^'' Now I have nothing more to say, except I can't wait for summer con season to start! ~ <3 I'm outta here! o/


  1. Yay now you have a shinsengumi haori too! :DD
    Don't worry, Chizuru won't be forever alone all summer ~~

  2. Very nice that you did a Shinsengumi haori! More photoshoot ideas <3

    1. Nice indeed <3 Photoshoot ideas are always needed :'3

  3. Ihania kuvia! tuo viimeinen on niin surkea XDDD

    1. Kiitoksia! o/
      Joo olen surkea! Tarvitsen halin! \(Q 3 Q)/


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