Suzuka Sakuraba (BRS) WIP and normal photoshoot

I don't even bother to complain how lazy writer I am.
Today I finally decided to kick myself and start working on cosplays! And I was working on Sakuraba as you can deduce from the title. Now pinkgay-hakama, white kimono and pink kimono are ready. I still have to make the armor, shinsengumi haori (which is in progress actually, I just don't have any pictures of it) and also the swords. My wig hasn't arrived yet, but when it does I'm sure I'll make a Sakuraba-cosplay makeup & wig try-out for sure! Now, here's some pictures of the cosplay how does it look like now. (Sorry, mirror photos only... with a dirty mirror OTL)

 I'm so, so sorry for the quality of those pictures, but dirty-mirror-derp-photos usually doesn't look good. I also want to apologize my messy room, working with cosplays is messy business >8D

Now some pictures from today's photoshoot. I need those pictures for a school-project. Pre-task actually. I must say, this photoshoot was useful for futures cosplay  photoshoots as well. I found good places to take pictures!
Thank you so much Heizu for being my photographer. ^^

 I want to end this post with a song, have a witchy week everyone! ^w^ 
(More progress of Sakuraba later!)


  1. Kiva postaus, ja ihana olet! ♥ C:

  2. OMG yay it looks great so far! I'm happy to see you'll do the armor version for now! <3
    Can't wait for more photos!

    1. Yay~! Glad to hear (lol read) that! ^^ I have time to make the armor-version, so of course I'll do it! <3


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