Le con tickets! >8D

I bought these tickets some time ago, so this post came a bit late. xD All these 3 cons will attend on July, but it's better be too early than too late! >8D


Again... Thank you ValkoinenSamurai for buying me that ticket! I'll pay back, I promise! This year Skecon will be bigger with artists and everything, really looking forward to them! And I also had so much fun in Skecon last year so why not arrive this year? 8D


Animecon will be held in Kuopio (13-15 July 2013). I bought these tickets long time ago. Can't wait! I had great time last year, even though I didn't really enjoy cosplaying Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden) on Sunday, but still... I must admit I had great time anyway and I'm sure I'll have great time this year too!


I bought an ordinary ticket and now I'm all happy! Just can't wait! I've heard so much about Närcon, and now I'm really excited to go there! <3 HYPEEE<3 Can't wait can't wait can't wait! <3

All of these cons are on July!



  1. CON HYPE. <3

    You will also be traveling a lot on July then, hehe, just like me ~

    So excited!! 8D

    1. HYPEEEE~ <3

      True, this is going to be interesting!

      ASDFGHJKL~ <3 8D

  2. The more tickets the better! I look forward to cosplay Tales of Symphonia and Hakuouki with you on Närcon, and let´s enjoy Skecon with Socks with Sandals...again! Can´t wait ~

    1. I can't wait to cosplay ToS and Hakuouki with you as well! Socks with Sandals ftw! It's our Skecon Theme song now xD


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