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Le con tickets! >8D

I bought these tickets some time ago, so this post came a bit late. xD All these 3 cons will attend on July, but it's better be too early than too late! >8D

Again... Thank you ValkoinenSamurai for buying me that ticket! I'll pay back, I promise! This year Skecon will be bigger with artists and everything, really looking forward to them! And I also had so much fun in Skecon last year so why not arrive this year? 8D
Animecon will be held in Kuopio (13-15 July 2013). I bought these tickets long time ago. Can't wait! I had great time last year, even though I didn't really enjoy cosplaying Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden) on Sunday, but still... I must admit I had great time anyway and I'm sure I'll have great time this year too!
I bought an ordinary ticket and now I'm all happy! Just can't wait! I've heard so much about Närcon, and now I'm really excited to go there! <3 HYPEEE<3 Can't wait can't wait can't wa…

Suzuka Sakuraba (BRS) WIP and normal photoshoot

I don't even bother to complain how lazy writer I am. Today I finally decided to kick myself and start working on cosplays! And I was working on Sakuraba as you can deduce from the title. Now pinkgay-hakama, white kimono and pink kimono are ready. I still have to make the armor, shinsengumi haori (which is in progress actually, I just don't have any pictures of it) and also the swords. My wig hasn't arrived yet, but when it does I'm sure I'll make a Sakuraba-cosplay makeup & wig try-out for sure! Now, here's some pictures of the cosplay how does it look like now. (Sorry, mirror photos only... with a dirty mirror OTL)
 I'm so, so sorry for the quality of those pictures, but dirty-mirror-derp-photos usually doesn't look good. I also want to apologize my messy room, working with cosplays is messy business >8D

Now some pictures from today's photoshoot. I need those pictures for a school-project. Pre-task actually. I must say, this photoshoot was …

I think I have two versions of Kaoru I want to make...

It was almost impossible to decide which version of Kaoru Kamiya (Rurouni Kenshin) I'll make. She has so many of those darn kimonos!
"I'm so sorry!"  It's okay Kaoru, after some searching and thinking and listening to my friends thoughts, I have two versions of her I would like to make...

-This one is actually almost done. I only need a wig for this and fix hakama a little bit (I also need contact lenses for Kaoru~). This is very simple, comfy me gusta <3 and also the most recognize-able from all of her versions. It seems I have to make a try out with this one.. ^w^
-And this one.. I just love that design! The colors are very beautiful, and it's very simple! I love those sakura blossoms! I also have fabrics for this one (If I'm not using them for other project..). I really want to make this one! But I also like that other one and that other one is almost done..! This is difficult! But if I cosplay Kaoru more than once this year in Skecon, then I'll…