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Skecon tickets!// And plans!

Skecon is an anime convention held at SkellefteƄ in Sweden 5-7 July this year. :)

I'm so happy I puke rainbows! xD Thank you so much Valkoinen Samurai for helping me with the tickets (again) <3. I'm looking forward to July ^^.

The Plans:
Character: Suzuka Sakuraba Series: Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi  (not sure which version..if I have enough time I'm sure I'll make the armor version..)

Character: Kaoru Kamiya Series: Rurouni Kenshin

Character: Chizuru Yukimura Series: Hakuouki:Shinsengumi Kitan

This was it! I have no clue about the next con ^^'' But now Sairu-chan says bye! o/

Shiny!Umbreon gijinka test and camera derping

When I came home from school, my brother told me he doesn't need shiny!Umbreon ears, so he gave them back. I bought them from Animecon IX for his ask. I'm all okay with that, if he doesn't want then he doesn't.

I had a plan to cosplay Espeon and Leafeon, now it seems that I will cosplay shiny!Umbreon too. :) Not sure where, but hopefully this year! I fell in love with this cosplay! <3

Let's continue to the pictures! C:

 My ears are hanging and they doesn't stay up, for me, it's okay, I prefer hanging ears :3

 My camera kinda distorted some colors in some of my pictures...I don't know what's wrong! :'D

These pictures looks kinda cool, I don't know, I like them! Especially the first one! (:
This was it! I will change the desing of this cosplay. This was from the closet.. ^^'' I'm sure I'll use kimono, but I will make a new one c: This black kimono was from my Bleach cosplay system. ~
~Sairu-chan is out~