Makeup try-out and updated Chizuru!

I finished my Bleach!hakama few days ago so I wanted to make a Rangiku Matsumoto and Retsu Unohana makeup try-out.
Why these characters? 
Rangiku Matsumoto, because I really like the character, the desing, the story and everything and also my friends have been asking me to do it, and I accepted the challenge. I'm not sure which version I am going to do actually the younger or the other one...? Perhaps it will be clear in due time.

Cosplayer: Me
Photographer: Le Troll!Dad (Yes.. I am dad)

The wig is my Naruto Uzumaki cosplay wig btw ^^'' Naruto is wannabe Rangiku? 

Still.. Not sure which version...

Sorry.. I had to put these here.. *sniff* ;;_;;

Let's Continue!

Retsu Unohana, because my mom (yes, she have been watching Bleach for a while now...) wants me to cosplay her. I have actually no problem with it, I like her personality and desing and the whole character a lot! And I have Minazuki actually.. I sewed it a long time ago, using it as a pillow, so why not making Unohana cosplay too?  ^^

Cosplayer: Still me
Photographer: Still Le Troll!Dad

Everything what I have to do for this cosplay is haori, everything else is actually done..I still have to buy a wig though... I don't have any pictures of my Minazuki because my dear friend stole it from me ._.   Dat Minazuki-thief! ;_;

I am not sure where am I going to cosplay these two characters, but I'm sure I'll cosplay them in next year!

But now.. My updated Chizuru cosplay.. again.. I found some purrrrfect fabric so you can guess the rest of it. New kimono! and obi! 8D (The good part of updating cosplays is that I fall in love with the costumes all over again~<3)

And now.. le special thankies for my own dad (he asked this!) XD

Thanks for being my photographer! 

~Sairu-chan is out~


  1. Bleach cosplays! Add good wigs and it'll be great!

    OMG your dad seems so awesome. XD

  2. Wanna be Rangikuuu <3 :''DDD <3 Ja khyl mie lainaan sit sulle sen peruukin Unohanaan. x3 Btw, onks toi se over 9000 kangas minkä mä löysin sillo sielt kirppikselt? :'D Kauniina kuvis niinku aina <3 :'3

    1. Nardo WTF XDD
      Kiituksia jo etukäteen :'33
      Ja btw ei ole :'DD
      asdfghjklö Stop it, you~ =3=


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