Erika cosplay done

I finished my Erika cosplay about three days ago and as usual, I just had to ask my brother to take some photos. (Too bad, it was dark outside..Oh well, we took pictures anyway)

Derp warning!

Me Gusta the sleeves <3

Le tired ego pic..

I'm not going to use this wig on this cosplay even though she has blue hair in anime. Thanks for ValkoinenSamurai for borrowing me a better wig ~ \(^3^)/

Now I guess I have nothing else to say~ I'm out!


  1. so beutiful! Great work, hope to see more pictures with better light :3 damn the winter when it is so dark to photoshoot outside!

    1. Thankies~<3 I'll photoshoot again later when I have time ^^''

  2. YAY you're already done!! Great!
    I have a photo to show of the wig I'll let you borrow. I can show it later today when I'm done sewing my hakama or tomorrow if you come online on messenger. :)

    1. Yayy~ Thanks! Can't wait to see your finished Falkner cosplay ^w^


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