Sacchan's Chamber of cosplays

Friday, September 21, 2012


Skecon is a small anime convention held at Skellefteå in Sweden 2-4 November this year. And also it's my final con for this year!

I'm so thankful to my parents! THANKS MOMMY AND DADDY! \(=3=)/
And of course I'm thankful to ValkoinenSamurai as well. Thanks for buying my ticket there! <3

Now the cosplays... I'll cosplay Chizuru for the win! Hakuouki<333  Not sure am I going to cosplay anyone else ~ Trolololo

This was it! Byee~! \(O3O)/


  1. I'm so happy I managed to get you to come with me! <3 OHOHOHO this will be awesome, mini Hakuouki group derp go go!!~~ >8D CHIZURU!

    1. HOhohohoooo~ Can't wait can't wait can't wait~ This sure will be awesome!!! <333 >8DDD