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MAH BABY! ... I mean Chizuru wig..

My Chizuru Yukimura wig arrived some time ago and now it's finally styled! 8DD aslökadjfskfalö I'm so in love with it!! <3 >w<

But now.. Pictures!! 8DD

 Sorry for those hair-thingys ^^'' I'll make new ones later~

I guess I have nothing else to say~ Byee~! o/


Skecon is a small anime convention held at Skellefteå in Sweden 2-4 November this year. And also it's my final con for this year!

I'm so thankful to my parents! THANKS MOMMY AND DADDY! \(=3=)/
And of course I'm thankful to ValkoinenSamurai as well. Thanks for buying my ticket there! <3

Now the cosplays... I'll cosplay Chizuru for the win! Hakuouki<333  Not sure am I going to cosplay anyone else ~ Trolololo

This was it! Byee~! \(O3O)/

Chizuru photoshoot

As the title says. Me and Herttamaas_ decided to have a quick photoshoot.

Model: Well who da hell you think it could be? 8D
Photographer: Herttamaas_

 Koska oma naama on paras <3

 Leaves~ ö3ö
 Shadow pics~

 Is it raining or what?
 Nope~ It's not

 Kittyyy~ :3
 Täällä vartioin minä! Minä olen pimeyden vartija! Ja minun kaupungissa ei kukaan rötöstele!
Ja erikoiskunnia kuvaajalle! Herttamaas_ Kiitoksia kun jaksoit derppiäni <3
That was it! And as you can see, I made a whole new Chizu-cosplay... *<Gasps>....Yay~>*