Oulun Animeseminaari

Today I got back home!! AWWWW YEAH! I spent last weekend at Oulu's animeseminar.
 It was a small event, but so what? I had a lot of fun there! I'm very thankful for all my friends who spent time with me<3

Uhmm... I don't really know what to say about this event... I had fun, but I also got traumas there xD. (Thanks for my friend's curtain rod =_=) And I actually didn't sleep well because of my dear friends. They called for some random people for all night. I was a bit tired... and that's why I was shaking~
   For now, some pics from teh seminar~

   Me (as Sasuke Uchiha) and my friend (as Sakura Haruno). I was sick when this photo was taken >,< (binding really hurts~)

Pic from cosplay contest~ (dat length difference between Sakura and Sasuke...Shortie me~)

And now the last one~ an emo pic.

 Yes, I cried there when my friends left... Sowwie for the quality~

Oh well~ I guess that's it... The next event will be Kemi's comic day. Lol I'm actually still shaking xD


  1. Noo don't tell me you cried because me and my twin left.. D:

    I'm waiting for Kemi's comic day too, yay.

    1. Well yeah, I actually cried because of you and your twin, but everything's fine, don't have to worry~ C:

      Yaay!!! O 3 O


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