Random cosplaying at school and yesterday's phtoshoot

It was a boring day at school yesterday. I put my cosplay-wig on, my costume (le Akatsuki-cloak) was dirty :( so I didn't put it on. When I get to school, my friends didn't seem to be in the mood of derping or photoshooting. Classmates didn't stare at me or ask me anything. It wasn't the first time cosplaying at school xD. 

Less talk, more pics! 8D

Some flowers from schoolyard!

As you can see, I was kinda bored~ And yes, I LOVE derping I'm the photographer ¨\_Ö3Ö_/¨

Now some pics from yesterday's Konan cosplay-derping~

My bro wasn't in the mood of taking photos, so yeah, I'm the photographer once again~

This was it, I'm outta here! :'3 


  1. Tyksin lukea sun blogia (: ps. Nätti olet ! C: ♥

  2. Trololo if I would put a wig on in school.. or anything "weird", people would staaaaaareeee. XD But I want to go to school in kimono, haters gonna hate. >8D

    1. Hohohoo~ People got used to cosplay-derping! xD
      Kimono at school- done that xD <33 Kimono's rules! Simple as that >8D

    2. Luulisin et jos tarpeeks monta kertaa kulkee "oudoissa vaatteissa" niin ihmiset sit tottuu siihen. XD

    3. Näinhän se menee xD Nyt varmaan kaikki vahtais jos tulisinkin kouluun ilman peruukkia X'D

  3. Replies
    1. Kiitus!! >//w//< Kaunis olet sinäkin! C: <3


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