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Random photoshooting!

Some Naruto photoshooting xD My Naruto wig arrived and my kimono cosplay was almost done so I couldn't resist photoshooting. My brother wanted to cosplay something from Naruto too so I told him to put Akatsuki cloak and mah Sasori wig on~

Now some pics! >8D

 I love derping <3
 My dear brother Since when Naruto and Sasori have been brothers?
 He found something~
 On se jännä...
 Bonus pic!! XD
 Something for Sasori fangirls XD
This was it~ Naruto and his kitty (Arttu) says bai bai! :'3

Mitä mieltä olette lyhyistä cossaajista?

Anteeksi, nyt en jaksanut sönkätä huonolla englannillani~

Mutta asiaan! Mitä mieltä olette siis lyhyistä cossaajista? Olen itse tumppi forever, enkä sen pidemmäksi kasva~Deal with itCosplaytani on rajoitettu melko paljon sanomalla että olen liian lyhyt hahmoon x sarjasta y. Tätä hieman enemmän miettien, olen joskus harkinnut lopettavani cossauksen, mutta en kuitenkaan, kiitos rakkaiden con-sienikaverieni~<3 Tietenkin ymmärrän kaverin tai ryhmän kanssa cossauksen~ Pituussuhde cossaajiin ja hahmoihin olisi hyvä pysyä realistisina ^^||| Mutta kuitenkin~ Mitä mieltä olette? Voiko tumppi cossia missään tapauksessa hujoppihahmoa? o -o|||

Random cosplaying at school and yesterday's phtoshoot

It was a boring day at school yesterday.I put my cosplay-wig on, my costume (le Akatsuki-cloak) was dirty :( so I didn't put it on. When I get to school, my friends didn't seem to be in the mood of derping or photoshooting. Classmates didn't stare at me or ask me anything. It wasn't the first time cosplaying at school xD. 

Less talk, more pics! 8D

Some flowers from schoolyard!

As you can see, I was kinda bored~ And yes, I LOVE derping I'm the photographer ¨\_Ö3Ö_/¨

Now some pics from yesterday's Konan cosplay-derping~

My bro wasn't in the mood of taking photos, so yeah, I'm the photographer once again~

This was it, I'm outta here! :'3


I know this has NOTHING to do with cosplay, but hey, so what? I drew these on sunday in Oulu's Animeseminar. I was kinda bored... ^^|||

 I have a feeling, that these pics derp...~

 Saitou Hajime~
 Chizuru Yukimura~
 Hijikata Toshizo~
Sannan Keisuke~
I didn't colour them becuase of my laziness~ <3

Oulun Animeseminaari

Today I got back home!! AWWWW YEAH! I spent last weekend at Oulu's animeseminar.
 It was a small event, but so what? I had a lot of fun there! I'm very thankful for all my friends who spent time with me<3

Uhmm... I don't really know what to say about this event... I had fun, but I also got traumas there xD. (Thanks for my friend's curtain rod =_=) And I actually didn't sleep well because of my dear friends. They called for some random people for all night. I was a bit tired... and that's why I was shaking~
   For now, some pics from teh seminar~

   Me (as Sasuke Uchiha) and my friend (as Sakura Haruno). I was sick when this photo was taken >,< (binding really hurts~)

Pic from cosplay contest~ (dat length difference between Sakura and Sasuke...Shortie me~)

And now the last one~ an emo pic.
 Yes, I cried there when my friends left... Sowwie for the quality~

Oh well~ I guess that's it... The next event will be Kemi's comic day. Lol I'm actuall…

Le Chizuru cosplay pics!

The title tells everything, here are the pics I promised:


                                                            Chizuru and a kitty :'3

                                                    Kinda Derp :'D

                                              And special thanks to le photographer :'D

My bro like a boss!

Waking my cosplay blog alive...

I had a cosplay blog before this, I just don't have any memory of it, so I decided to make a new one. (Sorry for my bad english)

Oulun Animeseminaari would be the next event. I'll cosplay there Chizuru Yukimura from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan.

Pics of my cosplay will come later... I'm lazy at the moment xD