Brain children I want to cosplay (+ digital art)

Hi fellow nerds!
I wanted to make a post about some original characters I want to cosplay, but I wanted to include some kind of picture of them, so I took a very long time to check color schemes, sketching different designs and once I got something I was happy, I ended up redesigning them again after some time again, lol. Well, I can say they're finished now. These are my Dungeons and Dragons characters. Sure I have some other original characters I made in the past for different types of role plays and yeah I want to rewrite and redesign them, but I'm not as invested in them as I am in these lovely ladies. :^) 
Name: Vamppi/Isabella Race: Halfling Class: Cleric
This brave little halfling was the first character I created. Originally she was a bard, but since our group fucked up the game so badly we had start over again, we got a chance to change things up with our characters. All of us kept the names and races the same, but class was the one we wanted to change, so I ended up be…

Chibicon Oulu 2018!

Hi fellow kids!
I went to Chibicon last weekend in Oulu, Pohjankartano! This time my boyfriend Kim and a friend of mine, Pipatius as my company. Trip started early Saturday morning since my car have been acting up and I didn't dare to drive to Oulu with it.. so I left my car to my dad so he can check what's wrong. My Donald Duck kind of luck. Me and Kim walked to the bus stop near us and soon, deeper in Simo, Pipatius would join us in the same bus. Nothing interesting happened during the trip. We just snacked and talked shit as per usual. :) I was very happy spending time with Pipatius, my school work have been eating me up with early mornings and days that seem to never end, it was really therapeutic talking to a friend. <3

I remember getting to the convention building, seeing the line to get tickets. It was long and it was a bit chilly outside, but hey, that's all about how you dress up. I didn't feel like putting on a cosplay. Originally I was planning to cospla…

Makeup for Dummies - Eyes and eyebrows

Eyes are basically the most important part of cosplay makeup and they need a lot of attention, but no need to worry. Even a soft eyeliner does a big difference. I remember this one convention I forgot my whole bag of makeup and there was this really nice girl with a sweet lolita gear, who borrowed me a mascara and an angled brush to do my lashes and eyeliner. She was a saint!

"For perfect eyemakeup you don't need to be a makeup artist, you just need time and a lot of practice" - Mariela Sarkima

Lets begin with the basics, products and what they do:
Liner: - Makes it look like you have more volume on your lashes -Shapes your eye - Makes your eyes look bigger (which is great when you wanna look like a moe anime character)
Eyeshadow: - Gives your eyes that three-dimensional look with lighter and darker colors - Highlights your eye color  - Again, makes your eyes look bigger and gives depth to your look
Mascara: - Highlights and darkens your lashes - Opens up your eyes - Finishes…

Makeup for Dummies - The Base

Hey friends! It's me again throwing a part two from the Makeup for Dummies series! :D

In the last post I covered skincare and priming/prepping, this time we'll cover your face with foundation and concealers! o/ Now choosing foundation can be a bit difficult at times, I sure do remember my first ones being too dark for me and had the wrong base pigment to it... Oh the horror.. The beginners today are so spoiled! You have YouTube, Instagram and all other social medias filled with makeup gurus! Anyways, here's my guide to foundation, concealing and powdering.
Where to start?
Define your skintone - You can get an idea about your skins base pigment by looking at your veins from your wrist. Veins come out as green if your pigment is yellow based, and purple if your base is pink. At store when you're looking at foundation that would fit you, take a couple of foundation testers and try them out on your jawline and you'll see which fits the best on your skin as a whole.Defin…

Makeup for dummies - Prepping your skin

Hi! I know I'm really antisocial, but now I'm finally dropping a post here!
I'm pretty sure that every cosplayer regardless of gender will use makeup at some point. Let's face it, it really does improve the cosplay as a whole. Well.. I've studied makeup and skincare for 2 years, so I guess I'm qualified to talk about this kind of stuff. I also have a few books and materials from a few makeup courses that I've kept. I will use them a lot making these posts. I will make this a series, where I'll go through different parts of makeup and skincare from cosplayers point of view.
First thing I wanna do pretty much every convention day, would be cleansing my face. Clean, treated skin => Skin on point => Makeup on point. Straight guys too, take care of your skin, it's not gay! Find a cleanser that matches your skin type. For example, if your skin is dry, get cleanser and toner for dry skin, aka. moisturizing products. Here, I'll lis…

Lens review: TheDollyEye Sugar Candy Pink

Arvoisa lukijakunta: paskaa. :))
Not rly. Butt but seriously though, gonna show the TheDollyEye Sugar Candy Pink lenses today! Take it, take it real good.
Photographer:Shiro Samurai

Really big and moe lenses kinda like me, lolz. The limbal ring is huuuuuge! The color doesn't show up as much as on the blue pair (review below!), but maybe that is because the contrast between brown and pink is not as strong. It's still a pretty color, gives me candy eyes. :3

Lens review: TheDollyEye Sugar Candy Blue

Hello pepes peoples!
My computard is still dead so I'm borrowing mah homie's laptop. Is your gurl Sacchan dropping another bomb lens review? Yes I am. Paskaa. :-DD These lenses are called TheDollyEye Sugar Candy Blue and yes, don't forget the THE in DollyEye. #triggered
Photographer:Shiro Samurai

If you want to be moe with colorful eyes then these are your go-to lenses! :3 Really cute and good color even though it's mostly limited to the edges. Edgy.
Big lenses and big black dick limbal ring. You might notice that my eyes are not basic bitch brown (oh shit :D) but also have some green stuff going on, idk...