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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New blog


Time to break the radio silence and drop an announcement that I have a new blog! I'm not abandoning this one, this will stay and hopefully will get more (cosplay related) stuff. 
This new blog Tentacle Cave is pretty much dedicated to hentai and ecchi -series that I'm reviewing. Probably in the future I'll put some visual novel stuff there too. 

So, if you're into that kind of stuff, go check that out. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Lens review: Vassen Cloud Nine Red (aka Vassen Sweet Bliss Red)

Hey guys!
It's your girl Sacchan dropping another lens review for you. Without further ado, let's go!

Photographer: Shiro Samurai \(^u^)/

Here are the vials;

So yeah, I needed red lenses for my Seras Victoria (vampire version) cosplay. I wanted them to be  noticeable and of course enlarging since we're dealing with a vampire anime character with big eyes and all.

One lens in

Facing the window

Bathroom light

Flash photo

White corridor light

Yellow corridor light

Yellow staircase light

Outdoors, back against light

Outdoors, facing light

From distance

A bit closer


Color: 9/10
If I'd ever need red lenses again, these would be my go-to. Absolutely pretty, noticeably bright red color.
Design: 8/10
They look so pretty and adorable! :'33 
Enlargement: 9/10
I went from no-moe to moe quite quickly. ;))
Opacity: 7/10
Pretty ok coverage, nothing to complain about :'))
Naturalness: 2/10
Not natural unless you consider bright red natural, lol.
Comfort: 9/10
I wore these in a few conventions. They were really comfortable to wear ^^

Hopefully this was helpful!
The first "tits out" of 2017! x)

Monday, December 12, 2016

Skecon 2016 - Picture post

Hi roaming millennials!

Yeah I did attend Skecon this year too, but I really don't feel like writing about the experience that much. If you're interested, check out Shiro Samurais and Firiths blogs if you want more details. Now, let's roll!

Pictures are taken by Shiro Samurai

I couldn't stay and watch budokan, but at least I watched a part of it ^^''

Picture of me taking a selfie with a stormtrooper

The actual selfie

A picture of an awesome friend I met this year!
Dude,if you're reading this! Thank you again!

A wild Misty joined in x)

These bring memories from the first Skecon, too bad we never got to chill there!

That frogs butt is goals. True butt-spiration


Nico and Nozomi from Love Live! x)

Budokan picture x) I couldn't understand much what was going on, but it looked interesting:::)

A proof selfie I was wearing Sonico again.
The lenses turned really uncomfortable I couldn't wear them. Fuck my life.

These was a wall you could draw on. Guess which one's mine.

I ship myself with a tentacle, it's canon.

I just have to appreciate the dab-squidward. Also that dick is a nice touch to it.

From the emojis, I'm Spongebob-

"Haista vittu!" - Kikki Hiiri.

A selfie before (or during?) work.
Just look into my cold dead I eyes.

A pitcure my friend Mikael took while we were checking the car.
We had to spend some time in the snow.

So yeah, I had fun at the con. I was really nervous in the beginning since I was working there. Time to time it was a bit awkward since I don't speak Swedish, but overall everything went great. The new location was okay, even though it was a bit difficult to find at first, same goes to the sleeping halls, but we managed! In the end I had a lot of fun and met people I've been missing a long while and even met a few new ones :) Thank you peeps for making my Skecon good! It was fun working and I do consider working there again. ^^

This is a great time to finish this up. There won't be a tits out this time since this is already quite long.
See ya later!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Kitacon 2016 - [insert something clever idk]

I'm still alive apparently, so let's get down to this summary, mm'kay~

Kitacon is a small con that was held in Kemi (29th October). This time I was going there with Shiro Samurai, Firith, Frozen Angel and Hasakitsuki. \o/

So yeah, in the convention morning we got ready and people packed into my small car, that's pretty much how it went, our trip from Haparanda to Kemi's Sauvotalo started. At first our group went pretty much where ever they wanted, I personally wanted to check out the building, also there was a few friends I really wanted to meet again, at the same time met some new faces too. It was all nice and chillin'.

-Shiro Samurai is the photographer-
Thank you so much <3

Pretty much the view you get when you entered the dealers room.

Tbh, I was quite tempted to get the rainbow socks.

At first the time went by checking the building and chatting with friends, until I called my brother if he was interested in joining us, he said yes. so me and Shiro Samurai drove to my place to get my brother and Shiro Samurai to change from casual to cosplay. After we were done we would just drive back to Sauvotalo (Kemi is like 10 km away from where I live). When we got back, Shiro (Hatori Sohma - Furuba) and Firith (Ayame Sohma - Furuba) and Frozen Angel (Germany - Hetalia) had a photoshoot, go check the pics out from their blogs if you're interested. ^_^

After photoshooting we went back to the building and there was a crafting room. My artistic side really took me over, and that's how this masterpiece was born:

You saw it coming, I know. I also drew some tentacles, but I have no pics of that piece :'(

After the art-making episode we went to eat and get something from the store and stuff. When we we're done, got back to the building. We wanted to check out the gaming room.

Both of me and my brother established that this games sucks ass.
Though my bro did pretty well playing all the other games meanwhile I just sat down and admired.

I also saw Ronya and her sister! It was so nice to hear from them after a while and share cat pictures together <3 It was so nice x) After some time I went to the Artist's Alley, had a chat with a few friends and even kept company one of them for a while. Maletsu was selling prints, and had a long day so of course I'd keep her company, It was nice to talk with her about cons and have some nostalgic moments when the topic of Naruto series and Akatsuki came *sigh* <3

After the con was coming to an end, I took my brother back home, and drove back to Kemi again.
When  get back to Kemi, that's when I screw things up with my car, I don't want to get in detail, you can read that shit from my friends blogs, but in the end managed to somehow fix things and take these people back to Haparanda, and my stupid-ass-self back home.

In conclusion the con itself was nice, very chill. 10/10 would go again.
The game room was a really nice thing to have, since Kitacon never had that before, it was enjoyable to play a bit and watch other people play too. :)

That was my summary guys! I hope I delivered it to this effin' blog!

Tits out.